Dear SED Graduates,

As we near our 13th commencement ceremony, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your achievement!

The work that you have put in has paid off, and you are nearing the end of a small part of your personal and professional journey. This point in your educational career has likely been the result of a lot of work, reading, sweat, and (occasionally) personal doubts! Nevertheless, you have persevered, and the light is at the end of the tunnel.

As you reflect upon your academic success, you must already realize that your personal journey continues. The day after commencement, the next chapter in your professional career opens. In the days between the closing of one chapter and the opening of another, I hope that you will take a moment to reflect on how far you have come. While you do so, please don’t forget those who helped you get to this point including your friends, family, and faculty. With the excitement and newness, the next few weeks will be a busy time for you, so make time to acknowledge those who contributed to your success.

Your time at VIU comes and goes, and you have undoubtedly shared many experiences with your classmates and faculty who will remain lifelong friends and colleagues. I hope that, on this brief layover in your personal journey, you will remember that you both take and represent VIU as your continue on. Build on what you have learned, and continue learning and growing. In doing so, I hope that you will work to make the world a better, brighter place in everything that you do.

I hope to see our SED students and graduates at commencement on May 5! For more information, visit the commencement website here: https://www.viu.edu/student-life/student-affairs/student-events/commencement-ceremony/.

As I said at orientation on your first day at VIU, you are part of our SED family. That remains true now, as you graduate. Keep in touch with us!

I wish you much success in your future.

Kevin J. Martin
Associate Dean, School of Education
Virginia International University


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