School of Education’s Kevin Martin Elected to the International TESOL Organization

Director Kevin Martin

VIU’s School of Education would like to congratulate its director, Mr. Kevin J. Martin, on his election as the Assistant Chair to the Higher Education Interest Section for TESOL! The International TESOL Organization is dedicated to developing and advancing the interests of ESOL students and teachers, and does a great deal of good work for the language teaching community.

Mr. Martin is a strong advocate for meeting the needs of all students, teachers, and stakeholders to promote a learning experience that is tailored to the needs of the entire community. On this topic, he has stated: “As a current teacher trainer and language specialist, my role in the field is one of service, focused on social responsibility through advocacy for students and teachers in higher education.” This service orientation is evident in VIU’s curriculum, events, and operations, which focus on “the student first, always.” This great honor for Mr. Martin and for VIU represents the School of Education’s mission to meet the needs of diverse populations and focus on real-world application.

Mr. Martin’s term begins at the upcoming TESOL Convention in Portland, Oregon. We wish him the best and look forward to the International TESOL Convention!

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